CatZu is a mobile interactive assistant that
helps to improve the speech and oral motor skills of preschool children.
More than 200 million children in the world
need regular speech therapy.
We use computer vision and machine learning
technology to take care of children's speech.
CatZu is:
Recognition of oral motor skills and their correction through exercise
Retention of children's attention through game motivation
Assessment of children's
actions and a report on the dynamics
of their oral motor skills
Tips for the development
of children's speech
from professionals
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Let's add great news to this set!
From September 7th we are launching the technical version of the CatZu application.
September was not chosen by chance because CatZu is a mobile speech therapy assistant for children with speech impairments.
And we believe that the application will be a good help
for them in the educational and correctional process.

There is very little time before the launch, but you can still have time to leave an application for testing the version for iOS and receive a letter with detailed instructions for installing the application.
For parents and their children
CatZu - a mobile application for home use that includes exciting games and counseling for parents to improve their children's communication skills
For speech therapists
CatZu Pro - a mobile application for speech therapists allowing them to track the dynamics of the articulation skills of their patients
Own Deep Learning based Computer Vision algorithm of articulations recognition
Segmentation of organs of articulation
Own labelled dataset

What opportunities does our technology offer?
Screening diagnostics
Effective use of speech therapist work time
Personalized medicine and education
The combination of digital services and physical assistance
Remote speech therapy support
New control element
Educational institutions
Study participants
Main and control groups
Our research activity is to validate the results of the interaction of children with the application.
The main task is to prove no less effective
CatZu compared with the work of a speech therapist and determine the positive dynamics of the articulation function of our users.

We welcome your questions, feedback and ideas.
This will help us become even better
Our team
Antonina Sudilovskaya
СEO / Product expert
Stanislav Demidov
Chief technology officer
Virginia Shakhmardanova
UX/UI lead
Artyom Nesterenko
Android/IOS developer
Kirill Levshun
Computer vision engineer
Veronika Sudilovskaya
2d artist
Alexander Karchik
3D animator
Zhenya Diachek
Sound designer
Lera Kremenetskaya
Head of Marketing
Alexander Fedulov
Candidate of medical sciences, professor, head of the department of nervous and neurosurgical diseases of BSMU.
Dmitry Levkovich
CFO Eastern Europe
and Central Asia at Softline,
financial and business
Vladimir Bataev
Strategic consultant to
ZAZ Ventures.
48 portfolio companies.
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