CATZU - AI-powered mobile assistant that helps kids to overcome speech disorders in a playful way
CATZU is a handy speech and mental development guide for your child, created in collaboration with qualified speech pathologists and successfully tested in speech therapy centers
and SLP schools
Computer vision controls the quality of oral movements
Interactive tasks develop fine motor skills
Exclusive sounds library stimulates auditory attention
Blog with recommendations from speech therapists and child psychologists
How CATZU works
About our technology
Custom in-house algorithm recognises
and improves oral
motor skills
Touchscreen technology develops fine motors skills
Sound recognition improves pronunciation and auditory attention
Animated 3D character that reproduces all speech therapy tasks and motivates the child
CATZU for parents
Effective interactive technology catches child's attention and motivates to improve his speech. Blog provides useful advice on child's development for parents
CATZU for specialists
Specialists can use CatZu as a constructor for creating individual educational routes
for their clients
Our goal is to make speech therapy accessible
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Speech Tech MB
Address: Zirmunu g. 105-88
Vilnius LT-09116

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